Multi achievement

North American Ski Resorts

Official achievement authored by Bobby Allen.

If you enjoyed our European Skication achievement or love to fly picturesque routes North American (the USA and Canada), this achievement might be one that you'll really enjoy and will see to fly to eight of North America's top skiing destinations.

For MSFS 2020 users, this achievement will also see you visit two of the free, handcrafted airports in MSFS (Aspen and Telluride).

We will also visit Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC) on our 4th leg when we will visit the Park City Resort; Salt Lake City was the host of the 2002 Olympic Winter games.

Each of these airports and destinations provide stunning scenery and approaches, this is might be a perfect achievement to complete during the winter months!


In order to obtain this multi-achievement you must complete each of the following achievements.

Date Departure Arrival Pilot Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
29JAN23 2058Z KDEN KTEX Jeff Norton Honda HondaJet (HDJT) -751 ft/m 230 nm 00:52 View
28JAN23 0405Z KSTK KEGE ohmyfavourite Honda HondaJet (HDJT) -260 ft/m 178 nm 00:18 View
25JAN23 2057Z KTEX KEGE Marcus C Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -240 ft/m 164 nm 00:33 View
19JAN23 2335Z KSLC KEGE Vendeen Cirrus Vision SF50 (SF50) -248 ft/m 334 nm 01:13 View
17JAN23 0655Z KMCI KEGE DefiantPrawn Airbus A320 (A320) -261 ft/m 584 nm 01:42 View
17JAN23 0635Z KMCI KEGE CoupeX Honda HondaJet (HDJT) -112 ft/m 581 nm 01:44 View
17JAN23 0633Z KMCI KEGE Brian Flack Boeing 737-700 (B737) -284 ft/m 584 nm 01:35 View
17JAN23 0628Z KMCI KEGE DeviousFusion Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -292 ft/m 584 nm 01:33 View
17JAN23 0627Z KMCI KEGE DawnOfAscension Boeing 737-800 (B738) -348 ft/m 584 nm 01:35 View
17JAN23 0624Z KMCI KEGE Lucidityy Airbus A319 (A319) -484 ft/m 581 nm 01:32 View
17JAN23 0623Z KMCI KEGE Jonathan Tom Boeing 737-700 (B737) -275 ft/m 584 nm 01:35 View
17JAN23 0622Z KMCI KEGE Sven Lenkewitz Boeing 787-10 (B78X) -802 ft/m 602 nm 01:32 View
02JAN23 0113Z KFMN KEGE bleeman Cirrus Vision SF50 (SF50) -191 ft/m 186 nm 00:43 View
29DEC22 1541Z 40U KEGE Dave Torkington Cirrus Vision SF50 (SF50) -126 ft/m 161 nm 00:31 View
29DEC22 1500Z KFMN KASE FatRatCsb Cirrus Vision SF50 (SF50) -68 ft/m 199 nm 00:47 View
28DEC22 1307Z KSLC KEGE Ryan R. van der Wal Canadair Challenger (CL60) -415 ft/m 317 nm 00:46 View
19DEC22 2038Z KTEX KEGE MarioH99 Bell 407 (B407) -46 ft/m 165 nm 01:17 View
18DEC22 0836Z CYVR CYLW Ironbird Cessna Chancellor (C414) -29 ft/m 167 nm 00:41 View
18DEC22 0219Z KFMN KEGE Pierre Rustom Cessna Citation Longitude (C700) -303 ft/m 225 nm 00:48 View
16DEC22 1326Z KPUB KEGE John Gould Beechcraft Baron (58) (BE58) -689 ft/m 208 nm 01:53 View