General questions

FsHub (previously known as "LRMLive") is a free online service that provides virtual pilot and airline flight tracking and performance monitoring services in "the cloud", FsHub is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, FS2004, FSX, FSX-SE, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (v1.x, v2.x, v3.x, v4.x and v5.x) in addition to Laminar Research's X-Plane 10 and 11.

FsHub provides free cloud storage for your virtual flights and in-flight screenshots.

In addition to tracking and storing flight reports, FsHub also provides airport information and virtual airline management.

All data stored on FsHub can be accessed via. our API's which enables more advanced users to integrate our purpose built statistics platform.

It sure did! We decided to re-brand the site and give it a fresh look, we've kind of shifted from just supplying landing rate and flight statistics to also providing Virtual Airline statistics as well as a few other features (by popular user request).

The LRM client is a utility for tracking your flight statistics, it sends back (to our platform) your aircraft's flight position and other vital statistics such as speed and heading.

This tool must be installed and running during your flight in order to send data back to our platform which is then applied your pilot's log book.

More information on how to configure the LRM Client with your token can be found on the Client Documentation page.

In order for your flight information to be sent to the FsHub platform, you must ensure that you are running the LRM Client software installed on your computer and have configured it with a user token (You can read on how to do this here), the client must also be running on your PC during your flight, the LRM Client software is reading and sending all of your flight and aircraft information to our platform. Without running this software in the background FsHub cannot record and receive your flight information.

If you are sure that you are running the LRM Client on your simulator then please ensure that you have FSUIPC installed (if using Microsoft FS2004, FSX, FSX:SE or P3D ) or, if you are using X-Plane you must have XPUIPC installed!

In addition to the above, your computer must be connected to the internet too, if you're internet goes down or your computer loses network connectivity for any longer than 30 minutes, FsHub will assume that you cancelled your flight early and will discard your tracking information.

More information on how to configure the LRM Client with your token can be found on the Client Documentation page.

By default, FsHub does not generate a flight logbook entry for flights that are shorter than 15 minutes long; given that there is not an efficient, cross-platform method for us to detect if you are in "replay mode", this feature has therefore been added (since 14/04/2020) to help mitigate against "replay" flights, landings, and approaches from being captured and created as a duplicate flight log entry.

You can however disable this functionality (and record all flights regardless of duration) by going to your Settings page and un-checking the option labelled "Prevent logging short/replay flights?".

In order for LRM and FsHub to reliably work across all major flight simulators, FsHub will automatically associate your take-off or landing to the nearest airport, our extensive database of airports also includes airports, helipads and seaplane bases too.

Given our extensive database (designed to cater for all types of pilots and aircraft), some departures or arrivals into airports that have very close-by airports, helipads or seaplane bases can therefore be incorrectly detected but fear not it's super easy to "fix"...

In order to "correct" the incorrectly detected airport(s) simply load the Flight report and use the Edit button, then, using the "Departure airport" and/or "Arrival airport" dropdown menus simple select the correct airport and then "Save" the changes.

The departure and arrival airport dropdown menus display other nearby airports to where we detected you took off from or landed at, these are presented in the (closest) distance order and therefore, the majority of the time you will simply have to choose the first (nearest) airport in the dropdown.

There are potentially four main reasons why the LRM client will show as "Disconnected", these scenarios and resolutions are as follows:

1) Your simulator is not running - LRM can only "Connect" once your simulator is running/your aircraft is loaded into the simulator.

2) You do not have FSUIPC installed - Ensure you install the correct version of FSUIPC or XPUIPC (if using X-Plane) installed for your simulator

3) FSUIPC is not running - Recently we have noticed that MSFS 2020 will sometimes (randomly) not automatically start FSUIPC, you can either restart MSFS or manually run FSUIPC until MSFS fix this "bug".

4) FSUIPC is running and you are loaded into the simulator but it still shows as "Disconnected" - If you are running your simulator in "admin mode" then LRM MUST be running in "admin mode" too (both the simulator and LRM client must be running in the same mode). Unless you have a reason to run the simulator in "admin mode" we recommend using normal mode when launching the simulator and LRM.


The list of visited countries contain the list of countries that you've landed at (visited) and does not include the ones that you've taken off from - this is by design!

You want to join and fly for a virtual airline - great! You can browse the list of existing airlines on this page. To request to join one you must press the "Apply" button, this will then trigger an email to the airline owner asking them if they want to accept of reject your application.

Once applied to a virtual airline you must wait for the airline owner to "Accept" your application before you can log any flights with them.

The list of airlines that you fly for can be found on the "My Airlines" page on your user dashboard.


You can create and register a new virtual airline from the "My Airlines" page.

In the event that you wish to move the airline ownership to another FsHub users, please contact us with the name of the Airline and the User ID of the person that you want to transfer ownership too we will then manage this change for you and reply once the change has been completed!

Developers and Platform Integration

For most users, they won't use our platform integration features but we've added them in for those people who want to use the data gathered by this platform to build new and exciting services or projects.

We provide two main types of API at this point, our REST API enables developers to programmatically obtain data on demand where are our Web Hooks API provides real-time flight and record update notifications to external web services.

More information about how to use and integrate can be found on our in Platform Integration documentation section.

Pretty much anything actually (based on the data of course) but the kind of things we expect and would like to see done are:

  • Personal website integration (show your flight hours, distance traveled, last known location, online status).
  • Open-source content management systems for virtual airlines (that integrates and receives airline flights using webhooks).
  • Online services such as "Virtual payroll services".
  • IoT and hobby projects.
  • Mobile apps.