Developing, testing, supporting and hosting FsHub and LRM Client takes a lot of time and effort. I personally work on these products and services in my spare time and therefore would ask that, if you like and use any of these services and can, please consider supporting the project by donating today.

Users who donate $30 or more gain "supporter"/premium access and, as our way of saying thank you for helping us cover our costs will gain access to some additional but non-essential functionality.

Feel free to read below how donations are used and how you can get an "honourable" mention and gain access to some "supporter-only" features.

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We use PayPal for taking one-off donations, you can therefore be sure that your donation transaction remains safe and secure!

We also use Patreon for those users that really love and want to contribute monthly.

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How are donations used

Funds future development and features of this service

Donations are used to fund further development of FsHub and LRM features in addition to other enhancements to the site and service.

If you have any features you would like to see get added to FsHub or LRM Client please contact us!

Contributes to the monthly hosting costs

Our hosting costs for this service each month are fairly high (at least for myself to personally pay each month) especially given the amount of bandwidth required and hardware specs needed for the backend processing and real-time API features as well as the other cloud-hosted services that support some of our more advanced features.

I would like to thank our official "supporters"

These people have donated a larger than normal amount (more then $30) and therefore automatically gain "supporter" status and get, as our way of saying thank you, access to some additional (but non-essential) features.

6 Knots (Ciaran), Admin RegExp Inc., AirlockDoc, Alejandro Fernandez, Alex 002, Alyson Johnson, Andybrwn7, Angernerve, Ape42, BeamyNobleDrew, Bellygarath, Benbu75, BigKountry713, Blu Games, Bluetax, Bobby Allen, Bobo, Braceyourself, Captain USofA, CaptainAS007, Catbat9, Charles Nadeau, Chuck Beagle, CIVA008Jim, Clorix, Colchix33, CountryFlyer, Dan Cooper, Diego Uzcategui, FakePilot777, Fatcat74, Fernando Esteves, FilbertFlies, Flocknroll, Gary Curtis Jr, Gavan Dowal, GAX001 Sonnypilot, General Lunatic, GFSA |Babad0137|, Gibboireland, Grant Williams, HaulWithPaul, Herbert J. Leder, Icarusgr, Ironbird, isharacomix, jae170, Jahdoh, James Nuttall, Jared, Jeff Cat NL, Jeffery Poblocki, Jerry Liu, jerue, Jim Hodde, Joe F, John Mandrake31, Jonathan Tom, KanyPlays, Kaptain Kustard, Keyflight, Kim_Snede65, LordRupert, Lukas Chylek, Luke Cantrill, Marcomile, Marek Paul, Marek Ryan Michalak, Matt T, Maurice (wackomoe) Hachey, MDA009, Mouse, MyFly, Nexus 03, Nexus 04, Nexus 10, Nicola Viti De Angelis, NovaStuff, OLt_Witti, Papa Foxtrot, Pappa_Razzi, Phil, Phil_W, Pierre Rustom, Pizzamonster, planetneutral, Psike64, Quasar Core, Reza Saberi, Richard Wales, Robert Brimer, rubber duck, Ryan R. van der Wal, Ryan Willoughby, SaintSephora, Sapajout, Scrufytam, Sean Galbraith, Siae260, SiRuS_T, SoaringAJ, SuperHerc25, TheAvra, TheRavingPanda, Tony Cummings, Twotonemurphy, XAV011 GratefulGeezer, XAV064 Starfox2999, XAV183 Kid Koko, Zero, Zissiz Zekapten, Zoubix