About FsHub

FsHub is a free online service that provides virtual pilot and airline flight tracking and performance monitoring services in "the cloud", FsHub is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, FS2004, FSX, FSX-SE, Lockheed Martins' Prepar3D (v1.x, v2.x, v3.x, v4.x and v5.x) in addition to Laminar Research's X-Plane 10 & 11.

FsHub provides a ton of features, so whether you simply want to track your flights and store your flight screenshots in cloud, looking to improve your landing performances or want to fly for and share your flight data with a registered virtual airline, we have the tools and technology to help you do it!

Through the use of virtual airline "Manual PIREPs", FsHub also supports pilots that use simulators and/or platforms such as the XBOX, MacOSX, DCS World, AeroFly, FlightGear and any other flight simulator software or platform that is unable to run or use our automated flight tracking software (LRM client).

Use as little or as much of our platform technology as you like!

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Detailed flight reports

By installing and running a single, light-weight ACARS application (LRM Client) that is designed to be simple to use and maintenance free, all flight data is sent asynchronously in the background to our platform and stored against your account!

Flight reports contain detailed information about the take-off and landing configuration of your aircraft as well as the amount of fuel burnt, flight duration, maximum speed, maximum altitude and landing rate information.

Users also have unlimited storage space to upload screenshots of their flight to the flight report too!

GPS Tracking

Our web-based GPS tracking system enables pilots to monitor their flights progress in addition to aiding navigation at terminals and taxi ways.

Given that our GPS tracker is web-based, this can be used on a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile devices!

Our ACARS client (LRM) now (since v5) has a built-in EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) which includes a real-time GPS app too if you wanted real-time updates and more features!

Pilot profiles

Pilot profiles are public URLs containing information about the pilot, monthly and overall statistics as well as a list of recent flights and screenshot uploads.

The pilot profiles also display a pilots average landing rate, countries they've visited, their current location and much more!

We encourage pilots to share their public profile link on forum signatures to show off their skills and virtual travels!

Virtual airlines

Our platform provides numerous statistics regarding your VA pilot's flights and can "deliver" flight reports directly to your servers' in real-time (if you wish).

Using FsHub, your VA pilots can use a single ACARS application (the LRM Client) which is designed to be light-weight, simple to use and maintenance free!

When your pilots are flying (and have selected the "duty" virtual airline) you will automatically get flight data associated to your virtual airline profile which contribute to your monthly and overall airline statistics.

As an airline CEO/owner you can manage your virtual airline pilot applications from your account.

Pilot achievements

If you like exploring new parts of the world, flying historic routes, taking real world humanitarian missions to the virtual skies or simply up for a challenge, FsHub has a growing list of single and multi-leg flight challenges which will see you explore the globe.

We also add special events that can only be achieved during a set timeframe and are normally seasonal or based on current world affairs - be sure to complete and collect the achievement as you won't get the chance again!

Unlimited geotagged screenshots

FsHub has always provided our users with unlimited, high-resolution, lossless screenshot storage in the cloud, users can upload screenshots directly to their flight reports, virtual airline or pilot profile.

In addition, users can configure the LRM client to automatically geotag their screenshots with their aircraft location, altitude, heading and speed which can then be displayed automatically on their flight report map as well as be included in geographical screenshot searches - you'll know exactly where you took that amazing screenshot!

Powerful API and platform integration

We built our platform to share data statistics to those user's who are generating them (or registered and manage a virtual airline).

We provide several ways in which you can integrate our platform with your website or IoT projects. Please see our Platform Integration section for more information.