Client Documentation

In order to track and record your flight information, you must first download and install the LRM Client software.

LRM Client - The official ACARS application for

LRM Client is an advanced ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System) application with further optional features. It is developed by the FsHub Team and is required to be installed and running on your computer in order to automatically log your flights and activity on the FsHub platform.

The most up-to-date LRM client installation and usage documentation for the software can be downloaded and viewed from the dedicated LRM Client website (you will also find the documentation that is specific to your currently installed version of LRM client in your installation folder).

If the client documentation does not answer all of your questions that you may have or fails to help you resolve any issues you can visit our help section where we have various community support channels available.

LRM is provided free of charge to all users for commercial and personal use.