Platform Integration

The FSHub platform provides both real-time data access by utilising web hooks as well a queryable REST API.

We encourage developers to build mobile and desktop applications utilising our platform and would like to hear about any projects users are working on that utilise our API.

To find out more about our platform integration options please see the following documentation pages:


Our REST API enables on-demand data access to all elements of our platform, it enables developers and systems to retrieve various data sets as and when required.

Webhooks API

Our webhooks API "pushes" data to your servers (HTTP endpoints) when configurable events occur, thus enabling real-time data notifications.

Is your VA using Discord or Slack?

Integration with messaging platforms such as Discord, Slack and other compatible services has been a highly requested feature by virtual airline owners and users on FsHub; airline owners can now quickly and easily add an "Incoming webhook" in their airline integration settings, this will automatically post notifications to their messaging platform of choice.

API clients and libraries

The following is a list of API clients that are open-source and can help you integrate our platform into your own site and/or services.

If you are developing an API client or SDK library, please let us know and we'll update this list!