Multi achievement

US Cities Volume 3

Official achievement authored by Bobby Allen.

The third in our series of new multi-leg achievements, Our "US Cities" series of achievements will see you visit another five cities across the United States of America.

In this series, you will visit the following cities, in any aircraft of your choice, there is no departure or landing rate requirements, simply make sure you fly to each of the airports ensuring that you've flown the minimum distance requirement for each leg.

  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Washington DC, Virginia

Be sure to check back on FsHub soon for more in this series as we take you along and visit many of the cities across the United States of America!


In order to obtain this multi-achievement you must complete each of the following achievements.

Date Departure Arrival Pilot Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
27MAY24 1704Z KISM KDCA Elia Lombardo Cessna 700 Citation Longitude (C700) -563 ft/m 732 nm 01:49 View
21MAY24 0728Z KJFK KHHR Nexus 19 Boeing 737-800 (B738) -252 ft/m 2166 nm 04:48 View
06MAY24 2027Z KISM KHHR PVPilot Airbus A319 (A319) -138 ft/m 2050 nm 05:26 View
29APR24 1645Z KMWH KBFI Marc Dublain Airbus A320 (A320) -135 ft/m 167 nm 00:37 View
27APR24 1901Z KJFK KDCA Niels1501 Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -197 ft/m 221 nm 00:38 View
08APR24 0031Z MYGF KISM DeviousFusion Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B350) -17 ft/m 196 nm 00:47 View
07APR24 1454Z CYKF KDET Mick Diamond Twin Star (DA42) -100 ft/m 182 nm 01:15 View
04APR24 2325Z KSBP KHHR Ron Batchelor Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B350) -120 ft/m 171 nm 00:41 View
04APR24 1514Z KSAV KDCA Jingle2607 Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -141 ft/m 457 nm 01:12 View
26MAR24 1807Z KOSU KDET VAF210 Luis Pilatus PC-12 (PC12) -160 ft/m 207 nm 00:49 View
18MAR24 1808Z KEKN KDCA VAF276 Giulio Cessna 700 Citation Longitude (C700) -110 ft/m 150 nm 00:25 View
17MAR24 1252Z KORF KDCA VAF118 Gennaro Pilatus PC-12 (PC12) -58 ft/m 131 nm 00:40 View
12MAR24 1755Z KORF KDCA VAF125 Antonino Pilatus PC-12 (PC12) -12 ft/m 148 nm 00:46 View
03MAR24 2339Z CYDC KBFI Aaron Priest Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B350) -214 ft/m 157 nm 00:37 View
15FEB24 1905Z KDCA KDCA VAF187 Angelo Bell 222 (B222) -544 ft/m 170 nm 01:13 View
12FEB24 1527Z KPIT KDCA Matthew Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B350) -108 ft/m 207 nm 12:45 View
07FEB24 0232Z L77 KHHR Mark Gee Cessna 525C Citation CJ4 (C25C) -112 ft/m 134 nm 00:29 View
05FEB24 2346Z MMTJ KHHR Greekazoid Airbus A318 (A318) -178 ft/m 128 nm 00:27 View
29JAN24 2331Z KLBE KDCA Roger Abram Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9) -54 ft/m 141 nm 00:38 View
21JAN24 1954Z KILM KDCA VAF197 Giampiero Boeing 737-800 (B738) -117 ft/m 286 nm 00:50 View