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The Maltese Getaway

Official achievement authored by Bobby Allen.

The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa. The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino with a total population of over 500,000 inhabitants occupying an area of 316 square kilometers.

Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative centre. Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural, characterised by fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture. Comino, the smallest of the trio, is largely uninhabited.

With superbly sunny weather, attractive beaches, a thriving nightlife and 7,000 years of intriguing history, there is a great deal to see and do.

Malta is home to some of the worlds oldest temples. The temples of Imnajdra or Ggantija are much older than Macchu Pichu of Peru or the Pyramids in Egypt. They are prehistoric and go back to thousands of years. Not to mention the old capital medieval city of Mdina or the capital itself, Valletta with fortifications so grand and unique. The Maltese Knights of St John are also part of an important era and famous worldwide.

With Malta only having three airports, when completing this achievement you will also to gain the country flag for your profile too!

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Depart from an airport of your choice, fly to and land at LMML, your flight distance must be further than 180 NM.
Date Departure Arrival Pilot Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
19MAY24 0102Z EDDF LMML -Kilian Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -1450 ft/m 901 nm 02:07 View
17MAY24 1652Z LIME LMML DariusMega Boeing 737-800 (B738) -309 ft/m 640 nm 01:39 View
13MAY24 2054Z HEGN LMML David Kegley Cessna 525C Citation CJ4 (C25C) -105 ft/m 1119 nm 04:50 View
12MAY24 1551Z LICA LMML Jeanette Zoetendal Cessna Skyhawk (C172) -111 ft/m 212 nm 01:42 View
12MAY24 1406Z LIRF LMML Evgeny Boyko Airbus A320 (A320) -51 ft/m 396 nm 01:02 View
11MAY24 1113Z LIRF LMML Anthony Pick Cessna Caravan (C208) -12 ft/m 404 nm 02:21 View
08MAY24 1934Z LEIB LMML FrancoElFeminista Boeing 737-800 (B738) -182 ft/m 740 nm 00:54 View
08MAY24 1621Z LSGG LMML Antoine Airbus A320 (A320) -139 ft/m 774 nm 01:55 View
08MAY24 1027Z LFPO LMML Bumblebee Boeing 737-800 (B738) -191 ft/m 978 nm 02:19 View
08MAY24 0640Z EBBR LMML Jaeya Airbus A320 (A320) -132 ft/m 1152 nm 02:44 View
07MAY24 1452Z LIRN LMML Zargos Airbus A320 (A320) -726 ft/m 444 nm 01:13 View
07MAY24 1015Z LCLK LMML Oliver Hutchison Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner (B78X) -244 ft/m 982 nm 02:30 View
06MAY24 1510Z EGCC LMML Hugo M Boeing 737-800 (B738) -55 ft/m 1313 nm 02:59 View
06MAY24 1318Z DTTA LMML Cammellodacorsa Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9) -78 ft/m 223 nm 00:57 View
05MAY24 2125Z EGBB LMML PVPilot 737NG Series 80NG - TUI -238 ft/m 1267 nm 02:42 View
02MAY24 1845Z EGWU LMML Roy "Teflon" BAe 146-200 QC C3 RAF 19 -186 ft/m 1266 nm 02:41 View
30APR24 0945Z LYBE LMML Martonsipos Airbus A320 (A320) -65 ft/m 645 nm 01:38 View
29APR24 2143Z LIRF LMML Bruce1295 Boeing 737-700 (B737) -148 ft/m 394 nm 01:04 View
29APR24 2141Z LIRF LMML BUTTER Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (B789) -268 ft/m 387 nm 01:05 View
29APR24 1654Z DTTJ LMML Wessel Hof Piper PA-24 Comanche (PA24) -181 ft/m 239 nm 01:41 View