Multi achievement

Micronesia Island Tour

Official achievement authored by Clorix.

While Micronesia consists of thousands of small islands scattered across the western Pacific Ocean, we’ll be taking a tour of a select few. Be prepared to land on particularly short runways at the edges of the islands they serve. Any mistakes made at these airports could mean going swimming!

Aviation plays a crucial role in Micronesia, as many of the islands are remote and difficult to access by other means of transportation. One of the unique aspects of aviation in Micronesia is the use of small aircraft and seaplanes to access remote islands with limited infrastructure. These small aircraft are essential for connecting isolated communities with the rest of the world and are often the only means of transport available.

Overall, aviation in Micronesia faces its own unique challenges, but it remains a critical part of life in the region, providing vital links to the rest of the world and connecting communities across vast distances of ocean.

Note: This achievement was created in celebration of the Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XIII - Oceania release, but you may complete the flights in any simulator of your choice!


In order to obtain this multi-achievement you must complete each of the following achievements.

Date Departure Arrival Pilot Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
07APR24 2215Z PTMO PTPI Nexus 15 Pilatus PC-21 (PC21) -48 ft/m 75 nm 00:19 View
29MAR24 0752Z PTMO PTPI VAF118 Gennaro De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (DHC6) -230 ft/m 65 nm 00:30 View
04MAR24 1959Z PTMO PTPI VAF187 Angelo Airbus Helicopters-Kawasaki H-145 (EC45) -7 ft/m 63 nm 00:40 View
28FEB24 2347Z PTMO PTPI MarioH99 Cessna Skyhawk (C172) -79 ft/m 67 nm 00:39 View
20FEB24 2017Z PTMO PTPI Hudson Garcia Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning 2 (F35) -22 ft/m 64 nm 00:28 View
11FEB24 0154Z PTMO PTPI Newhampshires Cessna Caravan (C208) -203 ft/m 67 nm 00:28 View
08FEB24 1753Z PTMO PTPI VAF125 Antonino Airbus Helicopters-Kawasaki H-145 (EC45) -46 ft/m 63 nm 00:39 View
05FEB24 2212Z PTMO PTPI VAF276 Giulio Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9) -228 ft/m 65 nm 00:19 View
27JAN24 0423Z PTMO PTPI Mark Gee Cessna Caravan (C208) -97 ft/m 65 nm 00:26 View
18JAN24 1446Z PTNG PTPN VAF121 Marco Airbus Helicopters-Kawasaki H-145 (EC45) -4 ft/m 95 nm 00:56 View
29DEC23 0424Z PTNG PTPN Darryl Turner Cessna Caravan (C208) -198 ft/m 98 nm 00:36 View
05DEC23 1617Z PTMO PTPI Prio Cub Crafters CC-19 XCub/NXCub (CC19) -25 ft/m 65 nm 00:35 View
02DEC23 1409Z PTMO PTPI Ryan R. van der Wal TECNAM P-2012 Traveller (P212) -403 ft/m 68 nm 00:32 View
27NOV23 1945Z PTMO PTPI Kold Beechcraft G36 Bonanza (BE36) -92 ft/m 67 nm 00:25 View
26NOV23 0749Z PTMO PTPI Fly By Mike Cub Crafters CC-19 XCub/NXCub (CC19) -62 ft/m 64 nm 00:36 View
13NOV23 1504Z PTMO PTPI PVZ Cessna T182 Turbo Skylane (C82S) -160 ft/m 67 nm 00:32 View
30OCT23 0239Z PTMO PTPI P3LA Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9) -208 ft/m 66 nm 00:21 View
29OCT23 0119Z PTMO PTPI SiceMan Piper Turbo Arrow 3 (P28S) -351 ft/m 65 nm 00:24 View
05OCT23 1930Z PTMO PTPI CoupeX Quest Kodiak (KODI) -157 ft/m 65 nm 00:24 View
01OCT23 2313Z PTPN PTMO Hot_Pants On-Fire Cessna Caravan (C208) -79 ft/m 126 nm 00:50 View