Single achievement

The European Skication: Turin

Official achievement authored by Bobby Allen.

Leg #3 of the European Skication achievement.

You will be answering the call (as a standby pilot) from a well-known UK-based airline to fly an aircraft full of snow and ski-seeking holiday makers to their booked ski resort!

We need you at Liverpool's John Lennon airport for the mid-afternoon flight to Turin in Italy, the airline has informed us that duty Captain has called in sick of which probably something to do with the fact that it was his birthday yesterday and was out drinking late last night - apparently!).

These passengers will, once passed passport control, will board coaches for their final ski resort destinations at:

  • TBC


Depart from EGGP, fly to and land at LIMF (638 NM).
Date Departure Arrival Pilot Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
26MAR23 1253Z EGGP LIMF Prio Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -892 ft/m 650 nm 01:33 View
15MAR23 1836Z EGGP LIMF Restoring 226 Honda HondaJet (HDJT) -45 ft/m 756 nm 01:59 View
08MAR23 0129Z EGGP LIMF Pappa_Razzi Boeing 737-700 (B737) -204 ft/m 693 nm 01:50 View
23FEB23 1539Z EGGP LIMF tetetehe Boeing 737-800 (B738) -28 ft/m 709 nm 01:44 View
16FEB23 2305Z EGGP LIMF Pierre Rustom Cessna Citation Longitude (C700) -54 ft/m 715 nm 01:49 View
13FEB23 0325Z EGGP LIMF Bryan NAPPER Cirrus Vision SF50 (SF50) -151 ft/m 659 nm 00:29 View
05FEB23 1715Z EGGP LIMF James Nuttall Beechcraft Baron (58) (BE58) -38 ft/m 727 nm 03:29 View
02FEB23 1942Z EGGP LIMF Patrick Howell (DefiantPrawn) Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9) -12 ft/m 715 nm 02:14 View
02FEB23 1038Z EGGP LIMF Dave Torkington Airbus A318 (A318) -208 ft/m 696 nm 01:37 View
02FEB23 0334Z EGGP LIMF ohmyfavourite Honda HondaJet (HDJT) -198 ft/m 643 nm 00:22 View
02FEB23 0040Z EGGP LIMF BedBustinTV Boeing 737-700 (B737) -16 ft/m 712 nm 01:38 View
30JAN23 0713Z EGGP LIMF DawnOfAscension Airbus A320 (A320) -222 ft/m 714 nm 01:42 View
30JAN23 0700Z EGGP LIMF Brian Flack Boeing 737-700 (B737) -209 ft/m 717 nm 01:43 View
30JAN23 0656Z EGGP LIMF DeviousFusion Airbus A320 neo (A20N) -141 ft/m 724 nm 01:41 View
30JAN23 0653Z EGGP LIMF Lucidityy Boeing 737-600 (B736) -140 ft/m 706 nm 01:39 View
30JAN23 0653Z EGGP LIMF Sven Lenkewitz Boeing 787-10 (B78X) -301 ft/m 725 nm 01:41 View
30JAN23 0653Z EGGP LIMF Jonathan Tom Boeing 737-700 (B737) -108 ft/m 718 nm 01:42 View
30JAN23 0651Z EGGP LIMF CoupeX Boeing 737-700 (B737) -244 ft/m 716 nm 01:38 View
30JAN23 0136Z EGGP LIMF Lolmanzee1 Cessna Citation Longitude (C700) -770 ft/m 674 nm 01:36 View
28JAN23 1420Z EGGP LIMF Marcus C Airbus A320 (A320) -93 ft/m 698 nm 01:44 View