Multi achievement

Cross Canada – West to East

Official achievement authored by JimG008.

Whether a flight across Canada is an adventure you have been dreaming about or are already starting to plan, we are here to help! FsHub is proud to present 20 flight legs from the west coast to the east coast. From west to east, north to south, the 10-million square kilometre landmass known as Canada contains a veritable wealth of culture, history, and natural majesty that will seduce any intrepid explorer who sets out on fixed-wing or rotary-wing intent on discovering its secrets. If you are just such an explorer, this is your lucky day! Shore up to your great Canadian adventure-hungry, curious and fly this exciting achievement.

Our adventure begins at Boundary Bay, British Columbia. British Columbia is a very mountainous region with a number of major ranges running mostly north-south from the coast to the border between BC and Alberta. Our second province is Alberta. Alberta has a diverse landscape, from prairies to rolling hills to the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. Our third province is Saskatchewan. Located in the prairie region of Canada, bordered by Alberta to the west, Manitoba to the east, Northwest Territories to the north, and the US states to the south. Our next province is Manitoba. The province's name comes from a Cree word meaning “the narrows of the Great Spirit,” in reference to Lake Manitoba, which narrows at its center. Next we cross into Ontario, which is Canada's second largest province, covering more than 1 million square kilometres (415,000 square miles). Our final province is Quebec. Quebec is a French speaking province in eastern Canada. It's the largest of the 10 Canadian provinces. Most of its population lives in the southern parts of the province. Our final destination is Sherbrooke, Quebec.


In order to obtain this multi-achievement you must complete each of the following achievements.

Date Departure Arrival Pilot Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
07APR24 2001Z CSE4 CYSC VAF118 Gennaro Aermacchi MB-339 (M339) -110 ft/m 113 nm 00:17 View
04APR24 0526Z CSE4 CYSC tylerdog2k5 Saab JAS39 Gripen (SB39) -607 ft/m 113 nm 00:13 View
03APR24 0603Z CSE4 CYSC Fliggity Diamond Twin Star (DA42) -52 ft/m 114 nm 00:43 View
03APR24 0603Z CSE4 CYSC Jahdoh Diamond Twin Star (DA42) -12 ft/m 114 nm 00:43 View
03APR24 0559Z CSE4 CYSC DeviousFusion Diamond DA-62 (DA62) -49 ft/m 114 nm 00:41 View
03APR24 0550Z CSE4 CYSC Wokninja Diamond Twin Star (DA42) -118 ft/m 114 nm 00:51 View
19MAR24 1829Z CSE4 CYSC VAF276 Giulio Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9) -151 ft/m 122 nm 00:29 View
12MAR24 1653Z CSE4 CYSC VAF187 Angelo Airbus Helicopters-Kawasaki H-145 (EC45) -7 ft/m 113 nm 00:52 View
05MAR24 1856Z CSE4 CYSC VAF125 Antonino Pilatus PC-12 (PC12) -102 ft/m 119 nm 00:32 View
26FEB24 1723Z CSE4 CYSC NG-94 Douglas DC-6 (DC6) -151 ft/m 145 nm 00:38 View
25FEB24 2105Z CSE4 CYSC Mark Gee Cessna 525C Citation CJ4 (C25C) -23 ft/m 116 nm 00:22 View
27DEC23 2001Z CSE4 CYSC Darryl Turner Cessna 525C Citation CJ4 (C25C) -24 ft/m 127 nm 00:20 View
13DEC23 0512Z CSE4 CYSC Unknown Quest Kodiak (KODI) -641 ft/m 140 nm 00:46 View
19NOV23 0215Z CSE4 CYSC Bryan NAPPER Cessna R182 Skylane RG (C82R) -97 ft/m 113 nm 00:50 View
01NOV23 2233Z CSE4 CYSC MarioH99 Cessna Skyhawk (C172) -58 ft/m 142 nm 01:06 View
15OCT23 0817Z CSE4 CYSC Tim Davern Cessna 414 Chancellor (C414) -113 ft/m 141 nm 00:43 View
29SEP23 1955Z CSE4 CYSC PVZ Cessna T182 Turbo Skylane (C82S) -48 ft/m 114 nm 00:56 View
20SEP23 1807Z CSE4 CYSC Ernest Maillet De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (DHC6) -78 ft/m 114 nm 00:43 View
13SEP23 0005Z CSE4 CYSC TrailMix Cessna 152 (C152) -108 ft/m 137 nm 01:25 View
04SEP23 1351Z CSE4 CYSC Pierustom Cirrus Vision SF-50 (SF50) -191 ft/m 127 nm 00:33 View