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Date Departure Arrival Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
07DEC18 2230Z Unknown KATL PMDG 737-932(ER)/WL Delt -261 ft/m 6 nm 00:02 View
30NOV18 0900Z KEDN KEDN A2A Beechcraft V35B Bona -100 ft/m 2 nm 00:01 View
30NOV18 0849Z KEDN KEDN A2A Beechcraft V35B Bona -162 ft/m 3 nm 00:02 View
27NOV18 0231Z KPBI CYYZ Fly The Maddog X MD-82 - -398 ft/m 1074 nm 01:11 View
25NOV18 0623Z Unknown KPBI Fly The Maddog X MD-82 - -161 ft/m 34 nm 00:08 View
22NOV18 2226Z Unknown KCLT QWSim Avro RJ100 - Quali -193 ft/m 92 nm 00:23 View
27SEP18 0813Z KATL KCLT B737-800_3_30g Delta -40 ft/m 234 nm 00:53 View
27SEP18 0456Z KDHN Unknown B737-800X Delta -17303 ft/m 147 nm 00:31 View
22SEP18 2316Z KCLT KATL ToLiss319_V1p0p2 [CFM] D -332 ft/m 262 nm 01:11 View
19AUG18 2224Z KJAX KAMG A2A Piper Pa-24-250 Coma -131 ft/m 91 nm 00:42 View

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