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Having fun is the most imortant aspect of life! Any landing is good so long as you walk away alive, A great landing is one where the plane can be re used again.

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Date Departure Arrival Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
24AUG18 0215Z EGGP EGGP IRIS F-22 #8 -171 ft/m 42 nm 00:05 View
24AUG18 0149Z EGGP EGHH IRIS F-22 #8 -122 ft/m 182 nm 00:22 View
23AUG18 0014Z EGPF EKVG F-14D Tomcat 163904 -204 ft/m 391 nm 00:42 View
22AUG18 0118Z EGGP EGPF F-14D Tomcat 163904 -176 ft/m 170 nm 00:22 View
20AUG18 2310Z EGGP EGGP Boeing T-45C 165493 -147 ft/m 74 nm 00:15 View
19AUG18 0214Z EGOW EGGP F-4F JaboG36 Norm81 -79 ft/m 29 nm 00:04 View
19AUG18 0158Z EGOW EGGP Tornado GR4 - "No 12 Squ -108 ft/m 35 nm 00:05 View
17AUG18 2252Z EGQS EGUN Airbus A330-MRTT Royal A -334 ft/m 371 nm 00:30 View
17AUG18 1959Z EGGP EGGP Nimrod MR2 (Blue/grey) -197 ft/m 24 nm 00:06 View
17AUG18 1644Z EGGP EGGP IRIS ADF #8 -167 ft/m 67 nm 00:11 View

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