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I'm from Venezuela but I live in Spain. I am an aviation enthusiast and have been flying the IVAO network since 2009. For me, aviation is like the world itself, just incredible...

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Date Departure Arrival Aircraft Landing rate Distance Flight time
21NOV19 0504Z CYUL LOWW Boeing 767-3Z9ER AUSTRIA -253 ft/m 3667 nm 08:06 View
28OCT19 1924Z MMMX KSFO Boeing B737-852 AEROMEXI -400 ft/m 1693 nm 04:12 View
27OCT19 1725Z KATL MMMX Boeing B737-832 DELTA AI -325 ft/m 1245 nm 03:09 View
26OCT19 2033Z SCEL KATL Boeing 767-3P6ER DELTA A -321 ft/m 4245 nm 09:35 View
22OCT19 1008Z SAEZ SCEL Boeing B737-8SH AEROLINE -95 ft/m 685 nm 01:54 View
20OCT19 2329Z LEMD SAEZ AIRBUS A330-223 AEROLINE -300 ft/m 5626 nm 12:21 View
19OCT19 0708Z KJFK LEMD Airbus A330-202 AIR EURO -295 ft/m 3182 nm 06:42 View
15OCT19 1822Z LKPR KJFK Airbus A330-223 Delta Ai -245 ft/m 3632 nm 08:26 View
13OCT19 0611Z MSLP LEMD Airbus A330-202 IBERIA A -441 ft/m 4825 nm 10:19 View
12OCT19 1100Z MGGT MSLP Airbus A330-202 IBERIA A -291 ft/m 128 nm 00:27 View

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