Z27V Sombor

Airport Information

Name: Sombor
City: Sombor
Country: RS Serbia and Montenegro
Altitude: 290 ft
Transition Altitude: Unknown
Local time: 04:27 07JUL20



From Pilot At
Z27V Anonymous 26JAN19 1519Z
LY87 Anonymous 10AUG18 1631Z
LHSK Anonymous 23MAR18 1956Z


To Pilot At
LY88 Anonymous 01MAY20 2145Z
LYVR Anonymous 26JAN19 1538Z
Z27V Anonymous 26JAN19 1519Z
EHTW Anonymous 10AUG18 1755Z

Pilots currently here

Currently no pilots here!

Nearby Aerodromes

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Runway suggestions

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