WSSS Changi

Airport Information

Name: Changi (SIN)
City: Singapore
Country: SG Singapore
Altitude: 22 ft
Transition Altitude: 11,000 ft
Local time: 03:36 31OCT20



From Pilot At
EHAM Tournay 28OCT20 1654Z
WMKK Anonymous 28OCT20 0930Z
WADD Anonymous 27OCT20 1725Z
WADD Anonymous 27OCT20 1158Z
VTBS Anonymous 26OCT20 1842Z


To Pilot At
WADD Tflops 30OCT20 1605Z
YBBN Bluetax 30OCT20 0531Z
WADD Jannjavejass 30OCT20 0427Z
YPPH Bluetax 28OCT20 1012Z
VTSP Anonymous 28OCT20 1000Z

Nearby Aerodromes

ICAO Name Location Distance
WSAC Changi Rsaf Changi Rsaf 3 km
WSAP Paya Lebar (QPG) Singapore 9 km
WSSL Seletar (XSP) Singapore 15 km
WSAG Sembawang Singapore 21 km
WIDD Hang Nadim (BTH) Batam 30 km
WSAT Tengah (TGA) Singapore 31 km
WMKJ Sultan Ismail (JHB) Johor Bahru 47 km
WIBT Tanjung Balai Karimun/Seibati (DGAC) 75 km
WIDN Kijang (TNJ) Tanjung Pinang 77 km
WMAP Kluang Kluang 107 km
WMAU Mersing Airport 115 km
WMBT Pulau Tioman (TOD) Pulau Tioman 163 km
WMAZ Segamat 180 km
WIBS Bengkalis/Sei Pakning (Pertamina) 205 km
WIDS Dabo (SIQ) Singkep 214 km
WMKM Malacca (MKZ) Malacca 217 km
WIPR Japura (RGT) Rengat 264 km
WMKD Kuantan (KUA) Kuantan 282 km
WIBD Pinang Kampai (DUM) Pinang Kampai 285 km
WMKK Kuala Lumpur Intl - Sepang (KUL) Kuala Lumpur 297 km


Runway # Length FT Heading Type ILS Frequency ILS Course ILS ID Glideslope Angle
02L 13,152 023° Bituminous 110.900 023 ICW
02C 13,179 023° Bituminous 108.300 023 ICE
20R 13,152 203° Bituminous 108.900 203 ICH
20C 13,179 203° Bituminous 109.700 203 ICC
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TAF Report


Runway suggestions

Flying without ATC? We've ordered the runways at this airport below taking into account the strongest head wind only; therefore you should also cross-reference these suggestions with any special landing or take-off requirements such as runway length, ILS, airport advisories and wind sheer warnings.



ATIS: 128.600
Clearance Delivery: 121.650
Ground Services: 121.720
Tower: 118.250
Approach: 120.300
Departure: 124.050

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