LFLL Saint Exupery

Airport Information

Name: Saint Exupery (LYS)
City: Lyon
Country: FR France
Altitude: 821 ft
Transition Altitude: 5,000 ft
Local time: 19:49 18SEP20



From Pilot At
LEAL Anonymous 16SEP20 1412Z
EDDK Anonymous 15SEP20 1938Z
LFST AEL002 15SEP20 1055Z
EGLL Yveslys 13SEP20 1618Z
LFBO Remove 13SEP20 1254Z


To Pilot At
LFMN AEL002 16SEP20 0452Z
EGKK Anonymous 15SEP20 1919Z
DAOO Anonymous 15SEP20 1803Z
LIRF Anthony Payet 15SEP20 0509Z
EDDM Anonymous 14SEP20 1733Z

Pilots currently here

Flavien Aymonnier

Nearby Aerodromes

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Runway # Length FT Heading Type ILS Frequency ILS Course ILS ID Glideslope Angle
18L 8,757 176° Asphalt 109.100 176 LSS
18R 13,115 176° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
36L 13,115 356° Asphalt 110.750 356 SAN
36R 8,757 356° Asphalt 111.500 356 LSN
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TAF Report


Runway suggestions

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ATIS: 126.170
Clearance Delivery: 121.700
Ground Services: 121.820
Tower: 120.450
Approach: 120.220
Departure: 136.070

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