KWDG Enid Woodring Regl

Airport Information

Name: Enid Woodring Regl
City: Enid, Oklahoma
Country: US United States
Altitude: 1,167 ft
Local time: Unknown



From Pilot At
1E7 Crashdad 14OCT19 2213Z
KBEC CAL2441 13OCT19 1217Z
KSRQ Chris Burton 02JUN19 0518Z
KRBD Thomas Basenfelder 22APR19 0548Z
KEND Anonymous 28FEB19 1946Z


To Pilot At
11KS Crashdad 14OCT19 2235Z
KAMA CAL2441 13OCT19 1345Z
CYQU Chris Burton 07JUN19 0548Z
KRBD Thomas Basenfelder 20APR19 0625Z

Pilots currently here

Currently no pilots here!

Nearby Aerodromes

ICAO Name Location Distance
KWDG Enid Woodring Regl Enid, Oklahoma 0 km
75OK Longhorn Field Enid, Oklahoma 7 km
OK50 Traynor Ranch Waukomis, Oklahoma 10 km
OK16 Fairmont Field Fairmont, Oklahoma 11 km
KEND Vance AFB (END) Enid, Oklahoma 12 km
17OK J-B Airstrip Kremlin, Oklahoma 16 km
46OK Steinert Lakes Bison, Oklahoma 18 km
OK66 F.W. Zaloudek Kremlin, Oklahoma 20 km
0OK8 Cades Covington, Oklahoma 20 km
2K1 Pond Creek Mun Pond Creek, Oklahoma 32 km
OK51 Enix Boys Hennessey, Oklahoma 33 km
OK42 Siegmanns Hennessey, Oklahoma 34 km
4O7 Decker Meno, Oklahoma 35 km
O66 Homestead Farms Pond Creek, Oklahoma 35 km
29OK Ditch Witch Perry, Oklahoma 43 km
OK17 Jerome Perry, Oklahoma 45 km
O53 Medford Mun Medford, Oklahoma 46 km
F22 Perry Mun Perry, Oklahoma 46 km
8OK7 Cc and M Medford, Oklahoma 47 km
7OK8 Myers Crescent, Oklahoma 48 km


Runway # Length FT Heading Type ILS Frequency ILS Course ILS ID Glideslope Angle
02 4,228 026° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
12 5,512 127° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
17 6,397 172° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
20 4,228 206° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
30 5,512 307° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
35 6,397 352° Asphalt 108.300 352 IEIU


METAR Report


TAF Report



Clearance Delivery: 122.600
Ground Services: 121.920
Tower: 118.900
Approach: 119.770
Departure: 119.770