KCPM Compton-Woodley

Airport Information

Name: Compton-Woodley
City: Compton, California
Country: US United States
Altitude: 97 ft
Local time: Unknown



From Pilot At
KSMO Anonymous 30NOV19 2114Z
KLGB Alex Gowen 26NOV19 2346Z
KCPM Anonymous 31OCT19 2332Z
KLAX Anonymous 13OCT19 2356Z
KCPM Anonymous 29SEP19 1827Z


To Pilot At
KSMO Anonymous 30NOV19 2125Z
KCPM Anonymous 31OCT19 2332Z
KLGB Anonymous 04OCT19 2036Z
KLAX Anonymous 02OCT19 0258Z

Pilots currently here

Currently no pilots here!

Nearby Aerodromes

ICAO Name Location Distance
KCPM Compton-Woodley Compton, California 0 km
64CL Goodyear Blimp Base Carson, California 5 km
KHHR Northrop-Hawthorne Mun (HHR) Hawthorne, California 9 km
KLGB Long Beach (LGB) Long Beach, California 12 km
KTOA Zamperini (TOA) Torrance, California 13 km
KLAX Los Angeles Intl (LAX) Los Angeles, California 16 km
KSLI Los Alamitos AAF Los Alamitos, California 21 km
CA24 Shepherd Field City Of Industry, California 22 km
KSMO Santa Monica Mun (SMO) Santa Monica, California 24 km
KFUL Fullerton Mun (FUL) Fullerton, California 24 km
KEMT El Monte El Monte, California 29 km
KBUR Bob Hope (BUR) Burbank, California 36 km
KSNA John Wayne-Orange Co (SNA) Santa Ana, California 42 km
KVNY Van Nuys (VNY) Van Nuys, California 42 km
KNTK Tustin MCAS Santa Ana, California 43 km
KWHP Whiteman (WHP) Los Angeles, California 44 km
KPOC Brackett (POC) La Verne, California 48 km
KNZJ El Toro MCAS (NZJ) Santa Ana, California 53 km
KAVX Catalina (AVX) Avalon, California 56 km
KCNO Chino Chino, California 57 km


Runway # Length FT Heading Type ILS Frequency ILS Course ILS ID Glideslope Angle
07L 3,321 076° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
07R 3,319 076° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
25L 3,319 256° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
25R 3,321 256° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A


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