Brussels National, Belgium

Airport Information

Name: Brussels National (BRU)
City: Brussels
Country: BE Belgium
Altitude: 184 ft
Transition Altitude: 4,500 ft
Local time: 17:07 26OCT21



From Pilot At
LHBP Anonymous 25OCT21 1949Z
LKPR Anonymous 25OCT21 1940Z
LHBP Anonymous 25OCT21 1658Z
GCLA Bronator 25OCT21 1504Z
EDDS Anonymous 25OCT21 0943Z


To Pilot At
EGKK Anonymous 25OCT21 1921Z
LOWS Anonymous 25OCT21 1715Z
EHAM PerryB413 25OCT21 1612Z
EHAM Bluetax 25OCT21 1438Z
LFMT Davy33127 25OCT21 1055Z

Nearby Aerodromes

ICAO Name Location Distance
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EBSW Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 24 km
EBBE Beauvechain AB Beauvechain 25 km
EBAL Onze Lieve Vrouw Ziekenhuis Hospital 30 km
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Runway # Length FT Heading Type ILS Frequency ILS Course ILS ID Glideslope Angle
02 9,786 016° Asphalt 109.900 016 IBX
07L 11,918 067° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
07R 10,521 072° Asphalt N/A N/A N/A N/A
20 9,786 196° Asphalt 111.150 196 IBM
25L 10,521 252° Asphalt 110.300 252 IBL
25R 11,918 247° Asphalt 108.900 247 IBR
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Name Description Uploaded
EBBR Brussels National 06-Nov-2020

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Runway suggestions

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ATIS: 121.750
Clearance Delivery: 121.950
Ground Services: 118.050
Tower: 118.600
Approach: 127.570
Departure: 126.620

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